Top Tips On How To Clean Your Freezer

Are you ready to start a new freezer cleaning program? Do you have the time and skills required? Perhaps you need some tips that can make this project less frustrating and more productive? Several freezer cleaning solutions can be used. Some are expensive, others are inexpensive, and yet others may seem to fall into the middle of the road.

First and foremost, place towels and papers underneath the appliance. It’s very likely that your freezer is dirty after a long time. With the presence of too much food in the freezer, where do you think all of the bacteria is going to breed? It’s important to eliminate this from happening before it is too late.

Before You Start

Before starting on your freezer cleaning, make sure to thoroughly empty all of the contents of the fridge. After doing this, use a vacuum cleaner to dry everything and to remove any remaining dust or dirt. This will make the freezer appear cleaner and saner.

If you have any spills or stains on the refrigerator or the ice cube trays, use the ammonia-based cleaners first before the chemical cleaners. While they might work in some cases, some cleaners react with the chemical in the liquid ammonia. This makes them ineffective and also unsafe for your family. Always use a high-pressure washer to clean them up. If you want a more effective solution, you can mix the ammonia with water before using it as a liquid cleaner.


Clean all of the moving parts of the unit, especially if you have a door freezer. Make sure to wipe down the doors and glass panels thoroughly before starting any of the cleaning processes. This will help avoid any scratches and damage to the unit. If any damage is present, have your local supplier come in and have it repaired or replaced.

Once the unit has been cleaned thoroughly and is dry, wipe down the shelves to make sure there are no spillages on the items stored on them. Use a disinfectant and a mild dishwashing detergent to remove these. If there are still traces of bleach on the surfaces, it is best to wash the area down with a damp cloth.

Cleaning Products

When it comes to the cleaning itself, you can use any type of cleaning solution that you like. For example, if you need something that will not scratch or harm the glass, you can use baking soda. If you are looking for an acidic product that will clean the walls, use white vinegar. If you want to clean the ice cubes, use lemon juice.

However, do note that it’s not advisable to use abrasive products when cleaning the freezer. The reason is that they could etch the glass. Instead, try to use plain water to wipe down the surfaces to ensure that your surfaces are free of any dirt and grime.

Avoid Damaging the Freezer

There is one important thing you need to note in regards to cleaning the unit: never use bleach when cleaning the unit. Bleach is a strong cleaning agent that can cause irreparable damage to the unit. Also, bleach can cause some minor burns if it accidentally touches the metal parts or glass.

So, keep this in mind when cleaning your freezer. Make sure to check on the surfaces often to avoid having the chemicals react with the chemicals already contained inside. If there is any rust or other deposits on the surfaces, you need to be extra careful and do not touch them. While they may appear slightly darker than usual, they are not necessarily damaged.

Another tip to keep in mind when cleaning the unit is to use a vacuum cleaner. It is important to do so because the dust or other particles may accumulate on the surface. and cause clogging.

Lastly, to ensure that your freezer is clean at all times, you should clean it once every year or so. You can use a soft-bristled brush, which can be found in any kitchen store, to clean out all of the debris. While you are doing it, be sure to run a vacuum over the surface to remove the dust. After you are done cleaning, you should let it air dry for several hours.