Tools Used By Gold Coast Electricians

Electrical works of any scale require tools to help make the task go smoothly providing efficient results. With the right tools at hand, the electrician gets to implement their skills by fixing the electrical complaints to the customer’s satisfaction. Electrical tools vary from hand to power tools and they help to complement the skills of the electrician.

Hand Tools Used By Electricians


One of the basic tools to spot in a toolbox of an electrician is either a long-nose, needle-nose, or side-cutting plier. The cushioned and contoured handles of these pliers make them easy to handle when cutting wires and other electrical items. With the hard and inner metal, electricians can easily make a steady grip on items as they carry out their tasks. Pliers are often known to be one of the most durable tools used by electricians because of the materials used in production.

Screwdrivers & Nut-drivers

You’d be surprised at the number of screwdrivers and nut drivers in an electrician’s toolbox. Each screwdriver comes in different sizes and fasteners for various electrical tasks and screws. Nowadays, electricians go for screwdriver sets with at least ten different sizes and fasteners for their day-to-day use.

Screwdrivers now come in heat-treated shafts that prevent the handle from melting and conducting heat. The handle is also designed to enable a comfortable cushion grip.

Wire Stripers

Wire stripers are unique tools used by electricians mostly mistaken for pliers by a novice. Unlike pliers which are mainly used for cutting and gripping, wire stripers are meant for striping the insulator from the conducting metal.

Curved-handle wire stripers help to increase the natural grip of an electrician while working without applying so much effort. On the other hand, wire stripers with santoprene-textured grips provide more control and flexibility.

Measuring Devices

Alongside the above-mentioned electrical tools, measuring devices are also needed for residential, commercial, and industrial electrical works. Even with the rampant use of laser measuring tools today, measuring tapes are still very effective when carrying out simple measurements.

Every electrician loves their measuring tapes with magnetic tips the most because they support quick and one-man electrical measurements.

Labelling Machines

When on the move, especially with commercial and industrial electrical works, labeling machines become the electrician’s favorite tool. Accurate labeling enables the electrician to move around to work on other areas while keeping track of the previous sections.

Electrical jobs mostly require that the tasks are done in phases to ensure proper connection of the cables. Labeling machines come with graphics memory to help recall spots and are compatible with personal computers.

Power Tools Used By Electricians 

Power Drills

Drills are essential parts of an electrician’s power tools for efficient, fast, and precise results. With the variety of power drills available, the job of an electrician becomes easy. Power drills never require much power which makes them handy tools used by electricians for all kinds of electrical works.

Electricians use drills for making holes into concrete walls since they help drill the holes faster than a hammer. Aside from their speed and efficiency, drills also help to reduce the effort.

Electricians get multipurpose drilling tools that enable them to reduce the number of tools while working. Top branded hammer drill/drill/driver kits are common among electricians because they help carry out a variety of tasks. The battery-life of power drills allows electricians to work with them for long hours without shutting down. The teeth can be easily switched to the preferred type with ease while on the job.

Electric Saw Tools

The task at hand for every electrician requires different types of saw tools for cutting various items. Since most electricians work alone without support, they often go for handheld power saws when working on electrical jobs.

The most common power saw tools used by electricians are reciprocating saws because they provide precise straight cuts. Also, electricians go for spiral power saws when they intend to make a downward parabolic fluting.

Other types of electrical power saws common among electricians are portable-band saws, cut-off saws, and hole saws. When presented with electrical works that require clear-clean cuts of metallic materials, electricians have the option of corded-band power saws.

These saws provide extended-high performance and optimum speed; a perfect combination required to cut through metallic surfaces. These saws also help make the electrical tasks achievable even at the industrial level.

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